design Salvo Persano

“Ambientazioni 2022” is the concept we thought for the Fuorisalone. The protagonists of this project will be the “cementine” which will have a limited production for the year following the presentation.


The concept will be renewed each year. The characterizing variants will be two: the chromatic one and the graphic one characterized by the image carved on the “cementina”.


Starting from a single tile it is possible to design, by varying the choice of laying, multiple combinations capable of generating complex or repetitive designs, according to the taste of the designer or of the end user. Furthermore, to ensure less is more solutions, it is possible to create a unique carpet effect by using single-color neutral “cementine”.

progettONE Cementine Sansone

Thanks to a solid artisan experience in cement processing, Pavimenti Sansone has managed, over the years, to specialize in the production of “cementine”, grits, cement pastes, outdoor concrete floors and furnishing accessories.


All the handcrafted products of Pavimenti Sansone have an added value, that is the tailor-made creation. Thanks to this, it is possible to customize formats, decorations, colors, textures. They can provide an overall advice, from the design of the product to the after-sales experience.


Pavimenti Sansone “cementine” are produced with the original manual methods, following the divider and ladle technique. The “cementine” are not smoothed or polished but treated only with linseed oil, which guarantees a water-repellent and anti-stain effect.


Tradition, first of all.

progettONE Cementine Sansone

progettONE Cementine Sansone

Technical area

Product features

The variation of dimension and colour, the micro holes on the surface are within the tolerance of a handmade manufacturing process and, for this reason, to be considered distinctive features of the product itself.


General warnings

Avoid stocking material open-air to prevent rain water soacking the packaging and damaging the materials.
Install the tiles as soon as possible and do not leave the product at prolongued exposure to sunlight to prevent efflorescence or tone fading on the tile surface.


Directions for use

“progettONE” collection is intended for internal and covered external use only, because the prolonged exposure to UV rays can change over time the colour tone of the tiles. “Le Cementine” floor should not be sanded.



The substrate must be compact, flat, free of oil, grease, roughness, dust and debris.
In case of cracks in the screed, it is highly recommended to fix them with suitable products. Allow the cement substrate to dry properly. Carefully remove any possible remaining damp off the installation areas and avoid laying “progettONE” on wet surfaces.



It is recommended to install “progettONE” using cement-based adhesives such as Pavimenti Sansone FLEX-CEM600. Any glue excess either on the tile surface, or on the joint, must be removed. It is recommended to keep 0,04” gap between the tiles.



Cement tiles are not resistant to acids, that even diluted tend to attack them. Do not use acids for the first cleaning after installation. It is recommended to wash the surface evenly, with Pavimenti Sansone CLEAN-DTG cleanser. Use mono brushes with no abrasive disks. Mop up the floor uniformily and clean any remaining liquid.
Rinse with plenty of clean water and let it dry completely.



On floor completely dried, and with no humidity halos, evenly spread two water-repellent coats of Pavimenti Sansone IDROREP-RK product, avoiding any product excess, then let it dry. Carry out all operations by qualified installers only. Try the tiles before installation.



For grouting it is recommended to use the FUGA-CEM product by Pavimenti Sansone. It is advisable to grouting by qualified personnel.



After cleaning the floor off any grout remains, lay an extra coat of water repellent IDROREP-RK product uniformly. Let it dry. After drying, finish it with a further coat of wax, following the wax manufacturer’s instructions.


Regular maintenance

Use neutral detergents. Never bleach or use aggressive acids or alkali cleaning agents. The surface should be waxed regularly, following the wax manufacturer’s guidelines.

Weight and dimensions




Pieces per pallet

Quantity per pallet

Weight per pallet


~ 8”

~ 1.6 kg


20 mq

 ~ 800 kg

Technical features

Length and width


Straightness of sides



Physical properties

Resistance to dynamic loads


Breaking load

Wear resi stance

Toxicological information

Water absorption (treated tile)

~ 0.2 %

~ 0.2 %

~ 0.2 %

CM1 Cement, sand and marble

High chemical and physical resistance to environmental polluting agents _ High resistance to UV rays

Washable _ Installation temperature from +5° C to +45° C

covers a wide range of vibration stresses, given the homogeneity of the material

500 kg/cmq

600 kg/cmq

85 kg/cmq


0.1 %

Installation products and maintenance



Water repellent






FLEX – CEM 600

1 mm