Andros & Giò

The quality of raw materials is essential for us. Each product of ours expresses all our passion, emotions and experience.


We started with “Le Cementine,” the product that still sets us apart from crowd in the cladding and covering market.
That very same experience and our desire to explore inspired us to produce our first washbasins.


An entirely handmade product, which gives anyone the opportunity to express their personal lifestyle, thanks to a wide variety of color combinations.
An elementary raw material enhanced by its uniqueness creating new aesthetic opportunities.

The “Andros” and “Giò” washbasins are made of cement, a natural material with distinctive characteristics.
Each washbasin is unique being entirely handmade. For this reason, the coloring and surface may differ from basin to basin.


Each washbasin is the fruit of our research into the innovative use of raw materials.
Over the years, the company successfully patented a type of cement that guarantees lightness and a cement mortar that allows any coloring, even of small and delicate components such as the drain, which can be offered with identical color as the washbasin.
At the same time, cement mortar guarantees impermeability and resistance against UV rays and chemical agents.


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The Andros and Giò washbasins can be used in any environment, whether indoor and outdoor.
As a further guarantee, the company delivers the product with hydro-oil repellent treatments.


The washbasin surface may wear and incur surface and/or deep damage as a result of daily use. Some of these defects can be removed or touched up (always deal with directly with the manufacturer in these cases).
More significant mechanical damage, such as broken parts, can also be repaired. The effects of retouching guarantee the proper final shape of the washbasin and its original look. Nevertheless, we advise against contact with sharp and hard objects; do not directly expose the surface to high temperatures; while pouring unwanted liquids onto the washbasin surface, especially acids (vinegar, lemon juice, wine), strong hydroxides, and other aggressive substances, remove them immediately with a damp cloth or sponge; do not cover outdoor sinks with any type of sheet, even during the winter months. Moisture, even if superficial, requires space to evaporate.


The color of each washbasin and each part of its constituent parts can be customized.

codifiche Lavabi pavimenti sansone

codifiche Lavabi pavimenti sansone

Customized shapes

In addition to the standard shapes and sizes of “Andros” and “Gio,” you can also create other shapes you may desire.

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