Concrete Indoor/Outdoor Tables

Among the most widely used materials in recent years, thanks to the product’s versatility and ease of processing, cement mortar has increasingly become a trendy material among those in the industry and beyond. It is precisely because of its extraordinary qualities that cement mortar lends itself not only in the creation of floors of different kinds, but also in the creation of furniture accessories. It is for this reason that Pavimenti Sansone, which has always been at the forefront in the choice of trendy materials, launches a line dedicated to complements totally made of cement mortar.


With the same material, small and large objects take shape, protagonists of everyday environments: from tables to bathroom cabinets, from lamps to washbasins.


And precisely the tables represent the flagship of the creation, enhanced by the colors and materials. The multiplicity of colors allows adaptability to different environments, while the graceful strength of the design is sublimated in the balance between straight lines and sinuous curves. The variety of the proposal, as mentioned, is presented with different types of colors and with different tops and heights, with circular and oval solutions, which give an idea of softness of forms.


The tables, fully customizable both in size, colors and finishes, thanks to which it will be possible to achieve the desired effect between reliefs, streaks and decorations. The sizes will give the possibility to be able to choose the right table for your environment. In three sizes, small, medium and large) adapting the cement mortar table will become simple and practical.


Colors are another key element in customization. In fact, the cement mortar Ter-ra by Pavimenti Sansone is presented in thirty-two shades, with colors ranging from earth brown to wheat beige, passing through moss green to sky blue, without neglecting the natural tones of cement with all the shades of white, gray and black.

The color pigments used are all natural oxides.


The cement mortar of Pavimenti Sansone, through the craftsmanship of creation, makes it possible to obtain elegant and valuable surfaces, enhancing them to the fullest and giving them a unique value.



Concrete tables comes in a range of basic colors in the catalog. Nevertheless, upon request, you may choose your favorite color, even from those not included in the catalog

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