Concrete Creations

We have always thought that being born in this land of Sicily has been a gift.
And gifts are passion, care and commitment that we express through our work.
That’s why we make concrete surfaces with the same love since we were born and it is this
feeling that makes every single manufacture a unique product.


Pavimenti Sansone was born in the early 1900s, in a small workshop.
Now, as it was then, passion, tradition and craftsmanship, are the leitmotif of the company.
Always looking at the future, Pavimenti Sansone create concrete surfaces, researching
new technical solutions, to make them more performing.
Each product is handmade, respecting the local tradition and the ancient tools and techniques.
Pavimenti Sansone products are environmentally friendly, thanks to the use of sustainable
materials and a zero impact manufacturing process.



Pavimenti Sansone to specialize in the production of cement tiles, concrete terrazzo,
moulded concrete floors for outdoors and even accessories.


All Pavimenti Sansone handcrafted products have the possibility to be tailor-made
as an added value. In fact, we can customize sizes, designs, colours and textures offering
our overall consulting, from the design of the manufactured product to the after-sale support.